Divemaster (Internship)


Course Duration: 60 DAYS

This course provides you with sufficient time to really understand how to leverage your strengths and compensate for weaknesses. During the first 30 days, we will give you all the knowledge, tips, hints and advice to deal with real diving customers. In the second part of this internship program, we allow for your self-discovery, coupled with training on marketing, equipment maintenance and independent work.

Being a PADI Professional and working in a dive centre may sound exciting and easy. That’s how it may have felt when you did diving as a customer. The reality is more complex: there are many demands to the job and many other new Divemasters looking for work. That’s is why we’ve tailored this package to prepare you for the real world and give you the best chance to represent yourself as a confident diving professional, not just another newbie Divemaster. We really make sure you have the chance to live your dream and enjoy your new life.

Price includes:
• 30 days Divemaster course;
• Unlimited diving during the program;
• T-shirt;
• Sales/marketing workshops;
• 30 days Internship;
• Equipment maintenance course;
• Free Nitrox course;
• Free Dive Against Debris course; and,
• Diving equipment rental for the first 30 days (you need your own mask, snorkel, fins and a dive computer).

• PADI Divemaster Crewpack;
• PADI fee (190 AUD);
• After 30 days you will need your own equipment. You’ll benefit from our dive centre discount to buy it, but you can not be a real diving professional without your own gear;
• Accommodation and food.


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