We’re excited to launch our new logo.

We chose the hammerhead shark as our animal totem because we were inspired and energized by their strength and adaptability (and they look really cool)

Martin dived with a hammerhead school years ago and was awe inspired by their grace and power. That moment was one of the highlights of his already long diving career. He always new that one day when he and Laura opened their dive centre that the hammerhead shark would be the symbol.

Fun hammerhead facts:

  • The unique shape of the hammerhead shark’s head allows it to see better than other sharks.
  • They can see above and below them at the same time. They have almost a 360-degree range of vision.
  • Their unique head shape acts like a hydrofoil.
  • Unlike most sharks, hammerheads mostly swim in schools, sometimes numbering in the hundreds.
  • Hammerheads are found worldwide. They generally prefer warmer waters along coastlines and continental shelves.
  • Hammerheads are found in both shallow and deep water.
  • Because of its unique head shape, the hammerhead can sweep the ocean floor for prey more effectively than other sharks.
  • Young hammerhead sharks get tans because they like to stay closer to the water’s surface. Sometimes, they can even turn black.