Gili Mimpang

* advanced only *

Gili Mimpang is situated between Gili Tepekong and the coast of Bali and offers the same characteristics as Tepekong.

Three small islets outline the site. At the beginning of the dive, we descend onto a plateau with a large coral bommie where marine life abounds, and little by little we make our way along the reef as it begins to slope and eventually turns into a vertical wall. If conditions allow, we continue along the wall, and at a shallower depth, make our way around the last of the three islets in order to arrive back to where we began our dive. The cold currents here (18-20⁰ C) contribute to keeping the reef in excellent health, and also make it possible to encounter pelagics such as reef sharks, barracuda, stingrays, and even mola-mola (sunfish), particularly from July to October.